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My First Blog Post

Sharing knowledge is valuable to me.

I consume quite a bit of content on the internet (YouTube is my favorite) and love to learn from other people's experience. It is from these experiences where I find my unique voice in the world.

Why a blog? ...why not??

Writing is something that I am a beginner at. As you read, you may probably notice that my sentences structure may be off a bit and there may be a typo here or there. But that's ok, because I believe it is still valuable to share my experience anyway.

My goal with this blog is to get better at writing and document the process. What better way at getting better as a writer than to simply go for it publicly on the internet!

What was my process today to write this blog?

I watched a YouTube video this morning (told you YouTube is my favorite!) that really inspired me.

I literally just discovered Ali Abdaal YouTube channel this morning. In this video, he talks about a book called "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon. Some of the main principles that I got out of Ali's share about this book were:

  • Document your experience as a beginner learning a new skill

  • Everyone is so concerned with themselves that they don't care about what you are doing

  • Small, consistent actions now will grow to big results later

  • Just start!

And now I am writing to you, dear reader. A beginner that is just starting to share.

Go watch Ali's full YouTube video and let me know what you think!

Catch ya on the next one!

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