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Past Projects

Past Projects: Discography
Thank you Benchwarmerz for welcoming me

Benchwarmerz Brass Band

In the summer of 2018, Matthew was a member of the Benchwarmerz Brass Band at Valley Fair. He entertained guests on the Midway and the Midway stage. This group featured songs from Youngblood Brass Band, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and selections from the currents hits of today. A dynamic group that was awarded "Best Live Entertainment" of all Cedar Fair Parks in 2018.

Fire & Ice

In the summer of 2018, Matthew played in a new show at Cedar Point called Fire & Ice. This 12-piece group put a new spin on today's popular music featuring the songs from Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Micheal Jackson, Panic! At the Disco, Average White Band, Meghan Trainor, and more. A summer spectacle on the shores of Lake Erie. 

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Cedar Point Beach Band is officially ope

Beach Band Brass Band

In the summer of 2017, Matthew was a member of the Beach Band Brass Band at Cedar Point. This group was a colorful, engaging group that interacted with guests on the Midway. Guests marveled at the fully-choreographed show as energy and excitement were brought throughout the park. The Beach Band was also awarded the coveted "Corner Stone Award" for most interactive and exciting shows that Cedar Point Live Entertainment has seen.

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